FlexShot Die Cleaning Media

The Revolutionary Non-Destructive Shot Blasting Media
FlexShot is a metallurgically enhanced, ultra-soft aluminum extrusion die cleaning shotblast media. Try FlexShot the standard for die cleaning!

Features of FlexShot::
• Specifically designed for aluminum extrusions die cleaning
• Polishes bearing surfaces as it cleans dies
• Among the softest shot blasting media for die cleaning
• No abrasion or base metal removal/dimensional change
• Little to no wear on blast equipment
• Economical - outlasts other media by thousands of cycles!
• Recyclable = less waste & reduced material handling cost
• Environmentally friendly & non-hazardous

Environmentally Friendly
Not only is FlexShot safe to use on your product and shotblast equipment, it is a non-hazardous material, and can be disposed of in the same manner as your standard SAE shot.

Distributed by Unified Technologies